Title: Yixing getting defensive over EXO's sexuality
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"Actually, we are all men, real men ah! Everyone, don’t think of dirty thoughts!"

*this was after the crossdressing and wig talk*

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u want to dig that hole any deeper bro?


Apparently homophobia is an SM tradition! Because gay/bi/not straight men aren’t real men!

But seriously, not surprised at all. EXO’s so damn popular, I’m surprised they haven’t fucked up more by now (although the colorist comments and Kai saying the n word were pretty bad, people just don’t talk about it because they’re EXO).

#too bad though I liked yixing

Well good thing your “like” for him is already in the past. His statement might be perceived differently and may elicit varying emotions but one thing I’m sure of is that the last thing Yixing would do is to hurt other people’s feeling.

The Yixing that I know loves his fans enough to stay behind everyone just to bow multiple times at them."If my bows could represent gratitude and respect, then I hope that you don’t think that I bow too much.” 

The Yixing that I know would apologize to his fans if he did something wrong because he could read their sentiments. “Regarding the lost fan gifts at the airport today, I would like to express my sincerest apologies. I will accept all criticism and change my habit of forgetting things easily. I understand that fans have it hard. From my heart- I’m deeply sorry.”

The Yixing that I know constantly wishes for world peace.

The Yixing that I know will donate his prize money to the nursing homes for the elderly.

What saddens me is that people are quick to judge him because of something like a ~*slip up*~? Yixing carefully wields his words like tools. Maybe he was just too blur to realize that he might offend some people with that statement. Maybe the problem lies on the fans because they’re too overly sensitive. Maybe all this misunderstanding lies in the fact that everyone is unique and was raised in a different environment, raised in a different culture. I just wish that everyone would be more open minded to things like these. Keep in mind that if you expect someone to act upon your culture then also act upon that person’s culture.

are you serious? his words basically mean “we are straight”. since when does someone saying they’re straight equal homophobia?

and on that note, if you can’t accept that south korea is a little behind (for lack of a better word) on equality, why do you spend your time immersed in a world that you can’t accept? south korea is changing day by day. diversity between races and sexualities is becoming more accepted as time goes on. sorry they’re not up to your high standards yet. 

the colorist comments are to be expected along with seemingly/outright homophobic comments. same with talks on sexuality, south korea are a little behind with accepting different races although the contrast is not as bad. 

if you bothered to look past your oppas and spend a bit of time looking up the history of south korea you would know that westerners(americans) didn’t settle in south korea until 1950. that was the first moment that south korea was exposed to different races outside of asia as a whole country and even then, contact was limited. even to this day, south korea is not overly populated by black people, so koreans in general have not been exposed to different races on a frequent basis. 

futhermore, in south korea, the colorist comments hold next to no meaning to them. there are no repercussions for making particular colorist comments. south koreans have no emotional connections to colorist comments/words.

i’d also like to point out that kpop didn’t have a worldwide audience to cater to until the turn of the 21st century and even then it was primarily the rest of asia. kpop didn’t blow up to the western cultures until roughly 2008 when their videos became available for viewing on youtube. that’s only 6 years. 

as for jongin saying the “n” word, that was never proven. there were several people in that video who could have said that word. he was merely present in the video. until you provide actual proof that it was jongin himself who used the word, do not try to use it in an argument.
it’s nothing but speculation.

yixing is chinese and chinese people generally do not associate being straight as being manly. i am sure however, that he is influenced by korean culture and language having lived there for approx. three years. even so you can only make assumptions behind his words. 

last but not least i will point out again, yixing did not make a homophobic comment. 
straight =/= homophobic.

and as yixingology said, “Keep in mind that if you expect someone to act upon your culture then also act upon that person’s culture.”

i still can’t forget about this tho

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“Do what you love” disguises the fact that being able to choose a career primarily for personal reward is a privilege, a sign of socioeconomic class. Even if a self-employed graphic designer had parents who could pay for art school and co-sign a lease for a slick Brooklyn apartment, she can bestow DWYL as career advice upon those covetous of her success.

If we believe that working as a Silicon Valley entrepreneur or a museum publicist or a think-tank acolyte is essential to being true to ourselves, what do we believe about the inner lives and hopes of those who clean hotel rooms and stock shelves at big-box stores? The answer is: nothing.


Do what you love, love what you do: An omnipresent mantra that’s bad for work and workers. (via bakcwadrs)

a couple of other quotes from the article i really like:

According to this way of thinking, labor is not something one does for compensation but is an act of love. If profit doesn’t happen to follow, presumably it is because the worker’s passion and determination were insufficient. Its real achievement is making workers believe their labor serves the self and not the marketplace


Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life! Before succumbing to the intoxicating warmth of that promise, it’s critical to ask, “Who, exactly, benefits from making work feel like nonwork?” “Why should workers feel as if they aren’t working when they are?” In masking the very exploitative mechanisms of labor that it fuels, DWYL is, in fact, the most perfect ideological tool of capitalism. If we acknowledged all of our work as work, we could set appropriate limits for it, demanding fair compensation and humane schedules that allow for family and leisure time.

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An Interactive Dancing Pedestrian Signal by Smart

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140918 Team Training

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Pep Guardiola and Xabi Alonso (17.09.14)

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A touching father-son moment.

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Bill Gates (and his successor at Microsoft, Ray Ozzie) are famous for taking annual reading vacations. During the year they deliberately cultivate a stack of reading material—much of it unrelated to their day-to-day focus at Microsoft—and then they take off for a week or two and do a deep dive into the words they’ve stockpiled. By compressing their intake into a matter of days, they give new ideas additional opportunities to network among themselves, for the simple reason that it’s easier to remember something that you read yesterday than it is to remember something you read six months ago.
- Steven Johnson (via observando)

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After her father passed away from cancer before getting the chance to fulfill his dream of traveling the world, 25-year-old photographer Jinna Yang found a way to cope with her grief by backpacking across Europe with a life-size cardboard cutout of him. From her experience, Yang learned, "I just know that I will try to live every single day like it is my absolute last. I will cherish the time, the people, the opportunities that we have in front of us. He’s inspired me to take chances and has motivated me to keep pushing, especially when things get tough."

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Be like a postage stamp. Stick to it until you get there.
- Bob Proctor (via observando)

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the guardian imagines what historical figures might look like today. my personal favourite is shakespeare, reincarnated as a shoreditch hipster.

but can you imagine how’d he’d sound a loft party? 

“I’m going to subvert the whole, like, narrative ideal by telling you upfront that these two, like, teenagers are going to fall in love and die, and then do it. So there’s no more hiding in the words. Stark, yeah? And then, I think I’ll hide a sonnet in their big scene together, right? It’ll be subversive, because only, you know, people who are up on sonnets will get it…..what? No, she’s thirteen—a little edgy but that’s art, man. Art.”


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Jordan Henderson: ’Vice-captain role means everything’ (x)

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What is given to you is what is needed; what you want, requires giving up what you don’t need.
- George Alexiou (via observando)

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I have to ask you again about your former side Liverpool, obviously back in the Champions League this year. Do you think they’ve got good chances going into the Champions League?

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Mean :(

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